Cross Ocean Automotive Ltd is a company which supplies professional after-market (AM) parts. Our main products are after-market parts and accessories, tunning parts as well as moulds development.

The products our company offers include:
1. Collision body parts
2. Fuel systems
3. Window regulators
4. Brake systems
5. Suspension parts
6. Electrical parts

Our products are mainly sold as after collision replacement parts. It is our wish to sell our products globally and to provide a service which surpasses customer expectations.


Honesty and Integrity –

We believe that honesty is the most important factor in building a trusting relationship between ourselves and our customers, treating each and every customer and client with the highest level of professionalism and respect. Our foundation of honesty and integrity combined with our can-do work ethic results in a service quality which is second to none.

Innovation and Creation –

The driving force behind our company is our desire to design and create new products and to break away from old ways of thinking. We are always searching for new directions and adjusting our products and service to meet customer’s needs and market trends. Through this process we are both able to remain competitive and grow our market share, whilst providing additional value for our customers.

Quality and Service –

These traits are the foundations of any competitive and successful business. We provide a service and products which cater for individual needs on a continuous basis. It is our intention and pledge that we will treat our customers with personal attention and respect. We provide a tailored but comprehensive service which ensures that our customers are fully satisfied.

Our Mission Statement –

  • To have a thorough understanding of the supply chain in order to provide best quality, consistent pricing policy. The key to our philosophy is to perfect the supply chain system locally in Taiwan before taking the same level of commitment and excellence to the global market. Start local; then go global.
  • To strive to continuously improve our understanding of the market and provide quality products. To provide the auto industry with excellent after-market products and service.
  • To achieve excellence in all aspects of  product development.